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Synergy in Enterprise

ES3 delivers robust systems thinking, interdisciplinary expertise and independent advice, in support of our mission: we are here to help you choose the right initiatives so that your technology is always supporting your business goals.

Our Solutions

Most organisations have limited visibility into and resources for technology; they cannot always take advantage of market opportunities to fill those gaps because they don’t have the funds to acquire greater IT resources. With our strategic technology planning, we help companies seize more of these opportunities faster.

Ageing Infrastructure

IT Strategy

Cloud or Not?

Disaster Recovery

Poor IT Support

Cost of Software

Flexible Working

Modernising Business

Security Vulnerabilities

Why ES3?

We help solve your most difficult and complex IT challenges so that you can focus on your core business. We emphasise on the ‘How’ and this is what sets us apart. We are able to provide you with access to Enterprise standard IT services without the associated costs, applied in such a way that success is assured, and completeness achieved.

Technology in Synergy with your Business Goals

We help enterprises and public sector clients plan, design, build, and secure their critical data systems, network, and communications infrastructure, so that they can run at peak performance.

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Already know the pitfalls of your infrastructure?

Try our online Assessment Tools now. Assess whether Cloud Migration could be a better solution, compare costs of traditional IT Infrastructure VS a Remote Workforce, and see how much your infrastructure pitfalls are costing you..

We power the UK Private Sector

Organisations across the UK trust our technology infrastructure solutions to make their transformation happen – cheaper, faster and safer.

Building Grassroots Consulting the high-performance network that sets them apart from the crowd

The recruitment industry relies heavily on the productivity of their teams. It is vital that they are equipped with the tools they need to build better relationships and make more placements, faster – no matter where they are working.

A proactive, robust and industry accredited solution for MAC Consulting

The construction industry relies heavily on collaboration between the multiple stakeholders that form part of the overall project team. The interaction between these parties generates substantial quantities of data and documentation so, having easy, reliable and secure access to IT enablement tools is critical.

Enabling instant access of critical business applications to remote workers of Asante

Providing an invaluable tool for teams that telecommute and work independently. The MyView solution enables employees to share files, access each other’s devices and collaborate with ease from remote locations.

Securing our Nation’s Critical Infrastructure

With the highest Government-grade security, our certifications demonstrate to our clients our serious commitment to maintaining high levels of cyber safety.

Crown Commercial Service

ESyn3rgy has transformed the way IT is delivered to the public sector by <add reason>. We are trusted by our Government Departments to manage their most secure and sensitive systems, including those classified as critical.

  • Government-vetted staff
  • Audited processes
  • Another
ESyn3rgy Awarded Cyber Essentials Plus

This certification demonstrates to our clients a serious commitment to maintaining high levels of cyber safety.

  • Government-vetted staff
  • Audited processes
  • Another
  • Another

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